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In this article you will find all you need to know about the various part time jobs you will find on each airport. From background information to salary examples, it’s all there. And don’t forget to visit our job board Airport Jobs for the best part time jobs.

Part Time Cleaning Jobs

Part Time Cleaning Jobs
[icon type=”toggle-right”] Below is a summary of part time cleaning jobs. If you want to learn more, read our full article about Cleaning Jobs.

Part time cleaning jobs are easy to find at airports throughout the United Kingdom. They are easy to find because part time hours allow the airport to hire more people for the same position therefore opening and freeing up more of the same types of positions. Rather than employ one person to do the job, they are able to offer two jobs for the price they could pay one person for. Part time work normally comes in 4-6 hours shifts and gains about 16-20 hours per week, and sometimes around 30 hours per week. Because most airports and hotels are open 24/7 cleaning jobs also make excellent part time evening jobs as well as part time student jobs.

Part time cleaning jobs within the airport involve the following:

• Ensuring floors are swept and mopped
• Cleaning the bathrooms including toilets, sinks, and floors
• Changing out trash bags and making sure the bathrooms are fully stocked with necessities
• Dusting
• Cleaning glass fixtures and keeping things polished
• Cleaning up spills

And other duties which may be assigned on a daily basis, depending on the needs of the airport and what your supervisor has planned out for you on that particular day. There are also tens of window cleaning jobs, especially with all the large windows present at most airports lounges.
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Cleaning jobs require no previous experience or formal degrees, which makes it easy for anyone to obtain. You shouldn’t have a criminal record though, however if you do – you should be up front and honest and state that on your application to avoid any potential problems down the road. Perhaps your honesty will gain you an interview and potentially a job. Sometimes, employers are willing to give those who have had a rough past a second chance.

You will be provided training once you receive a position and are hired. Normally, you will work one on one with someone who is more experienced than you who will show you the ropes. Sometimes, there are training classes when the employer decides to hire more than a few people at one time. This is the most efficient way for training to be delivered to the new recruits and the least time consuming.

Part time cleaning jobs, although they don’t pay much, are solid, honest jobs and could potentially lead to better positions within the airport. Not only that, but eventually, you may gain promotions such as becoming manager or a shift supervisor. Be sure to check out our job board for the latest part time cleaning jobs.

Part time cleaning job salary at the airport is estimated around £6-10 per hour. With experience, that number can be expected to climb and you will receive better hours and benefits if you become full time, most likely.

Part Time Retail Jobs

[icon type=”toggle-right”] Below is a summary of part time retail jobs. If you want to learn more, read our full article about Retail Jobs.

Part time retail jobs are usually easier to find than full time work within an airport environment. Many shops and stores located within the airports of the United Kingdom are constantly looking for part time retail help. These are great positions for high school students, college students (part time retail jobs make excellent part time student jobs), or people looking for easy, fun part time work. Since some of the larger airports like Heathrow (which has some of the largest number of part time retail jobs in London) or Manchester are open almost 24/7, retail jobs are also perfectly suited for part time evening jobs.

Working in retail, although fun and exciting, can at times be challenging. You need to have a patient personality and also be understanding and caring. You should also have a strong desire to help the customers find the best look for them if working in clothing retail, or help them pick out the perfect gift if working in a gift shops. Having a great ability to make sure the customer leaves happy is always a huge plus.

[cmamad id=”282″ align=”floatleft” tabid=”283″ mobid=”284″ stg=””]Part time retail jobs usually entail the following duties:

• Using a cash register to ring up purchases
• Handling money and providing change
• The ability to be honest and truthful
• Keep the store clean
• Hang up and display clothing or items on shelves and display racks
• Be innovative and creative
• Assist customers in finding items
• Aware customers of promotions and sales
• Greet customers with a friendly smile, hello, and welcome
• Take orders and place them
• Take inventory and order stock

And there may be more duties, depending upon where you choose to work.

Usually part time retail jobs do not include benefits. Benefits are usually only included within the full time jobs found within an airport.

Usually if you stick with a part time retail job and ask your supervisor for more hours, you will eventually receive them. With more hours, comes better pay. Eventually, you could end up working full time and eventually earning promotions within the company. This will help your career for the future.

Entry level part time retail jobs salary pays usually around £16,000 maximum per year.
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Part Time Driving Jobs

[icon type=”toggle-right”] Below is a summary of part time driving jobs. If you want to learn more, read our full article about Driver Jobs.

Finding part time driving jobs at an airport is normally much easier than looking for full time work. Often times, an employer will want to put an employee on a trial or probationary employment, and providing a part time job to them may be exactly what will make the employer happy. This gives the employee time to prove themselves, and potentially move into a full time position in the future.

Driving jobs can consist of many facets within an airport environment, as many various types of transportation companies work for the individual airports within the United Kingdom. Because most airports are open 24/7 they make excellent part time evening jobs, as well as perfect part time student jobs.

[cmamad id=”369″ align=”floatleft” tabid=”370″ mobid=”371″ stg=””]There are bus companies, shuttles, taxi’s, chauffeur companies, trolley’s, and coach jobs available at any given time. Many times, a simple browse of the job section on an airport’s website can tell you if a company is hiring for these types of jobs, and for what shift. It will usually state whether or not the position is full or part time as well, and will sometimes list the hourly wage or salary.

Driving jobs usually pertain to shuttling passengers who are arriving to the airport wherever they want to go around town. Whether it be to a hotel, restaurant, shopping center, or another airport, drivers are very necessary at the airport. Drivers also bring people to the airport from their homes, place of business, or wherever else they may need a ride from.

A typical part time week would net you around 20-30 hours per week. Salaries vary based upon the type of driving position in which you would like to obtain.

There are certain driving certificates necessary in the United Kingdom to be a bus or coach driver. The other driving positions are mainly doable with a regular driver’s license.

Gaining employment through the airport for a driving job could lead to full time and permanent work. If you are able to find a part time driving jobs and that is what you are looking for, take the job and do your job well. Eventually, this will show your employer you have what it takes to be hired on full time. You may gain a higher rate of pay, more hours, and even promotions eventually.
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Part Time Security Jobs

[icon type=”toggle-right”] Below is a summary of part time security jobs. If you want to learn more, read our full article about Security Jobs.

Part time security jobs are typically easier to get than full time positions within an airport environment. When a company is able to offer employees part time work, this makes it easier to hire more people and put more people to work. This is good for the economy and for the individual themselves who may just be looking for something minimal to supplement their income, or are unable to find any other position elsewhere. Because most airports are open 24/7 security jobs make excellent part time evening jobs. In fact, night security jobs are some of the most sought after night security jobs.

[cmamad id=”381″ align=”floatleft” tabid=”382″ mobid=”383″ stg=””]Security jobs usually maintain a great level of safety throughout the airport, ensuring passengers and employees of the airport alike are safe and okay. Security guards also watch for suspected criminals, suspicious activity or items, and assist airlines with unruly passengers. They sometimes conduct random security checks on individuals to ensure they aren’t trying to smuggle items onto a flight which could pose a danger or threat, and they also deal with each individual passenger boarding flights to various destinations throughout the world.

Security officers are highly respected, and can usually stay in their position for a long time to come if they do their job well. Eventually, a part time security officer will be able to gain employment full time if they show their superiors they are worthy of awarding a full time position and better pay.

All in all, obtaining one of the part time security jobs within an airport is easily done, and will provide the candidate with the job they desire at the hours they desire. If by chance you are seeking full time employment and are only offered part time employment – don’t despair. You will more than likely gain full time hours eventually if you stick with your position and do the best job you possibly can with what you are designated to do. Visit our job board Airport Jobs for the best part time security jobs.
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