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In this article you will find all you need to know about the various hotel jobs you will find on each airport. From background information to salary examples, it’s all there. And don’t forget to visit our job board Airport Jobs for the best hotel jobs.

Hotel Receptionist Jobs

Hotel receptionist jobs within the United Kingdom are plentiful. There are many small and large chain hotels in which someone could find a myriad of positions. The hotels connected to or in connection with any of the airports are consistently hiring new staff members to keep up with the influx of travelers they need to accommodate each and every day. Many passengers who have redline flights will need a place to stay the night, and they will usually check in with the closest hotel around – and usually the hotels connected to the airports themselves so it makes for less of a hassle.

Hotel receptionist jobs are perfect for someone who is friendly and outgoing, and who enjoys helping people and providing great customer service. The ability to work with a smile on your face and ensure the customer is satisfied with their room, or helping the customer to switch rooms if they are unhappy is the top priority of the hotel receptionist.

A hotel receptionist job description consists of following duties:

• Check in/Check out for guests
• Supplying room keys and duplicate room keys
• Changing hotel rooms to meet customer needs and to ensure the customer is satisfied
• Answering phones and routing calls
• Answering e-mails
• Booking reservations
• Keeping the front area neat and tidy
• Greeting hotel patrons with a smile
• Informing customers of specials and events

And there are sometimes more daily requirements, though these are the most usual.

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Hotel receptionists don’t require any formal education or training prior to obtaining a position, though working with customer service in the past will probably give you bonus points in potentially obtaining employment. A degree in Business Administration may be helpful, but not at all necessary. Most companies will require you to be 18 and older, however.

Typically, hotels connected to airports will list their hotel receptionist jobs on our job board where you can view all of the current airport openings available. If nothing is showing as available for a hotel receptionist position currently, chances are there are no positions available as airports in the UK are mandated to keep their job postings current by law.

You could always call and speak with the HR department at the airport and ask them about hotel receptionist jobs or any other hotel jobs that may be available. They will point you in the right direction if you ask them to.

Receptionist salary at an airport is £14,112. After gaining experience, the level of pay increases to an estimated £16,684.

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Hotel Maintenance Jobs

Hotel maintenance jobs are typically geared towards maintain the property and ensuring everything is in working order. Hotel maintenance positions usually keep an individual very busy depending on how many maintenance employees there are on staff.

Many hotel maintenance workers are allowed to live on the premises of the hotel for absolutely no charge as a perk of being on call 24/7. Most all maintenance positions require the employee to be on call as needed. Hotel maintenance jobs consist of a myriad of tasks such as:

• changing light bulbs
• cleanups
• minimal plumbing work
• electrical work
• construction abilities
• all basic handyman skills

Sometimes, gardening abilities and landscaping experience is also required or preferable.

Most of the time, an electrician’s certificate and appropriate training is required. You should ask each individual company you choose to apply with or inquire with as to what qualifications you may need as each company differs in their pre-requisites and requirements.

Obviously, as with any position, previous experience is preferred but not necessary.

Each individual company may have you working with a variety of duties which may differ from the next company. Again, it’s important to inquire within about the position and what the requirements for each position may be. It’s also important to ask any questions while you have someone on the phone to be able to develop a solid cover letter or to beef up your resume or CV with experience you may have pertaining to the position you are applying for.

The best way to obtain hotel maintenance jobs or any hotel job for that matter is to contact the airport closest to you and ask to speak with someone in HR department regarding a hotel maintenance position.

Entry level hourly wage for a maintenance engineer salary is approximately £6-11. This can vary per company.

Many hotels hire entry level maintenance workers due to the fact that they need to keep up with the demand.

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Hotel Security Jobs

Hotel security jobs, much like airport security jobs, provide the patrons of the hotel establishment with a sense of security and a feeling of being safe. The security guards on staff at a hotel monitor for any situations which may arise at check in at the front desk as well as monitor the halls to ensure no illegal activity or anything threatening is taking place on their watch. They are available for customers to speak to in the event something is stolen from their hotel room, or if they feel their safety is at risk for any particular reason.

Hotel security guards usually swap their duties with one another. For instance, one person will watch the closed circuit televisions inside of the security office and monitor for anything suspicious or out of place, and the other security guards will be on guard throughout the hotel’s interior as well as on the exterior of the building. Parking lots are monitored by security as well to ward off any potential break in’s within anyone’s vehicles.

Airport security guards and hotel security guards tend to work together when a hotel is built on the same grounds as an airport. The airport also tends to be connected to the hotel in these instances. In this case, it makes it easier to apprehend someone who may have stolen, broken the law, or harmed someone or attempted harming someone in any way.

Hotel security jobs don’t require any particular degree to be hired, however a background in police work or law enforcement of some sort, or another type of public service work such as fire fighter, may score you points in the interview process. Also, previous security work looks fantastic on your resume as well.

If you are interested in obtaining hotel security jobs you should check out our hotel job board. This also applies if you are looking for hotel security jobs in London for example, since Heathrow Airport with its many hotels accounts for hundreds of hotel security jobs alone.

Security guard salary at entry level is generally around £11.00 per hour.

Pay will increase over time and with the experience gained. Pay can also differ when starting depending on your prior experience and skill set.

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Hotel Cleaning Jobs

Hotel cleaning jobs are easy to come by. The hotels connected to airlines are constantly in need of people to clean their hotel rooms after customers check out, and before they check in. Cleaners also need to refresh customer’s towels and ensure the bathroom is stocked well with supplies while a customer is staying with a hotel. They also are responsible for making the bed, changing the trash bags in the room, vacuuming, and cleaning the bathroom.

When seeking hotel cleaning jobs, you should be aware that it is a demanding job – one which requires the ability to maintain standing for long periods of time, as well as bending. You also need to be sure you are trustworthy, honest, and have a clean criminal record. Chances are, you won’t be able to obtain a cleaning position within a hotel if you are not clear of all criminal history – especially theft.

There really is no age at which a person needs to be in order to apply for hotel cleaning jobs, however you should be 16 years of age and over by law in most places to gain employment.

Cleaning duties include:

• Changing out trash bags and replacing with fresh clean ones
• Changing bed sheets and making the bed
• Cleaning the bathroom
• Cleaning up the hotel room
• Vacuuming
• Replenishing towels in the bathroom and taking the others to the wash
• Doing laundry
• Freshening up the room when necessary

Aside from that, cleaning and housekeeping positions are sometimes asked to clean up spills and messes when maintenance workers are busy elsewhere. Maintenance workers and housekeeping typically work neck in neck to help each other out. With some hotels you will also find window cleaning jobs.

If you are interested in obtaining hotel cleaning jobs you should check out our hotel job board. This also applies if you are looking for hotel cleaning jobs in London for example, since Heathrow Airport with its many hotels accounts for hundreds of hotel cleaning jobs alone.

Cleaning job salary with an airport hotel is typically £6 per hour or £16,000 per annum.

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Hotel Management Jobs


Hotel Management jobs are a bit difficult to obtain in certain circumstances; however, if you have the experience necessary, it can provide you with a lot of leeway in terms of having a heads up over potential employers if the opportunity for employment were to arise.

Hotel management jobs are typically reserved for those who have extensive experience in working in the hotel industry, and for those whom have myriad customer service experience, business operations experience, and who are fully responsible on the upkeep it takes to successfully run a hotel operation.

Some of the duties included in being a hotel manager are as follows:

• Overseeing day to day operations within a hotel environment
• Organizing weekly or daily meetings, depending on Hotel policy
• Reporting to supervisors and presenting weekly reports
• Ordering supplies needed
• Overseeing all staff on your particular shift
• Addressing customer complaints
• Organizing events
• Maintaining quality standards
• Ensuring payments and finances are under control
• Addressing the media if necessary
• Hiring and firing employees

Hotel manager jobs typically have many more daily duties, and the ones listed above are just briefly over viewing what might be expected of any hotel management employee.

Finding hotel management jobs at airport hotels is typically easier than in hotels elsewhere, due to the fact that staff is constantly leaving and being hired within these facilities. Not only that, but there is a bigger need for more staff members within these facilities due to the influx of people at various times staying within airport hotels due to the convenience they provide.

Applying for a management position within your local airport’s hotels should only be done if you possess the skill necessary to obtain the position. You should also submit a copy of your most recent updated resume, letters of recommendation, and also any business management degree (copies) you may have. If you include these things with your application, as well as references – at least 3 – you will have a heads up on the other applicants which do not submit this optional yet imperative information.

Getting a hotel management career is intimidating for those who have never done it. However, you may not realize your full potential until you are given the chance to go all the way. Brush those nerves off, apply with confidence, and see what wonderful things await you in your new hotel management career.

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