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Code named BHD by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), George Best Belfast Airport is a regional airport in Northern Ireland and is one of the country’s main economic drivers. The facility and the companies/businesses within its vicinity combine to generate thousands of jobs. So if you live anywhere close to this air travel facility and you are trying to secure employment, George Best Belfast Airport jobs should be on the list of employment options to target. This post is aimed at supplying you with useful and interesting information about this airport as well as typical jobs available.

George Best Belfast Airport Overview

This public airport is located adjacent to the Port of Belfast in Belfast, County Down, Northern Ireland. It was founded in 1937 as Sydenham Airport by Short Brothers beside its factory in Sydenham, Belfast. It was the city’s main civilian aviation facility from 1938 to 1939. The airport was later taken over by the Royal Navy during the Second World War and given the name HMS Gadwall. It remained in military use until the 1970s. Commercial operations commenced at the facility, then known as Belfast Harbour Airport, in 1983.

George Best Belfast Airport is a single-runway airport and is situated about five kilometres away from the city centre. It has been a major base for Flybe since 1993. Aer Lingus also moved its operations from Belfast International Airport to a base it has here in 2013. Shorts/Bombardier sold the facility in 2003 to the Spanish group Ferrovial, owner of BAA Airports, for £35 million. ABN AMRO Global Infrastructure Fund later acquired the airport in a £132.5 million deal in 2006.

Flights are operated from George Best Belfast Airport to both domestic and European destinations. These include London Gatwick, London Heathrow, Aberdeen, Isle of Man, Blackpool, Birmingham, East Midlands, Cardiff, Malaga, Faro, Palma de Mallorca, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Verona. The airport’s busiest domestic routes are London Heathrow, Manchester and London Gatwick, while its busiest international routes are Faro, Malaga and Palma. George Best Belfast Airport handles about 2.5 million passengers on an annual basis, but saw a record 2.74 million passengers in 2010.

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Careers at George Best Belfast Airport

This air travel facility requires numerous hands to get its operations going, just as should be expected in similar settings this large. While the airport itself might not supply more than a couple hundreds of George Best Belfast Airport jobs, airlines and other businesses operating within its confines or vicinity make several hundred jobs more available. The airlines operating from here and helping to generate several hundreds of George Best Belfast Airport jobs include Aer Lingus, Flybe, British Airways, KLM and Citywing.

With diverse skills needed to get operations running, George Best Belfast Airport jobs are practically for different types of people. Chances are that you will find a suitable job at the airport whatever skill set you bring to the table. Popular George Best Belfast Airport jobs include the following:

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* Customer service jobs
* Security jobs
* Baggage handler jobs
* Passenger service agent jobs
* Engineering jobs
* Airline pilot jobs
* Cabin crew jobs
* Air traffic control jobs
* Parking attendant jobs
* Driver jobs
* Call centre agent jobs

A couple of these George Best Belfast Airport jobs are worth talking about briefly. The first of these are security jobs. Security is serious business, especially these days with so much uncertainty and threats everywhere. Security officers help to ensure the safety of passengers by monitoring suspicious activity and checking baggage for potentially dangerous items. You do not need too much education to work in security. An important criterion is for you to be physically fit and you are practically good to go.

Cabin crew/air hostess jobs are also hugely popular in that they allow people playing such roles to visit many countries they would have otherwise not been able to visit with their own money. You also get to meet numerous key figures in the course of your job. In addition, this type of George Best Belfast Airport jobs usually does not require more than high school education to be eligible.

You can visit our [jobsearchlink q=”airport” l=”Belfast” text=”Airport Jobs”] board to find the above George Best Belfast Airport jobs and many others as they become available. It is advisable to check frequently – every day, if possible – to avoid missing out on interesting openings. New George Best Belfast Airport jobs are added from time to time and more could well be on the way as airport management plans to expand operations. Interestingly, the airport has a High Flyers Apprenticeship programme as well to provide opportunity for young people between ages 16 and 24 to acquire useful work experience and develop job-specific and transferable skills.

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George Best Belfast Airport Salaries and Benefits

George Best Belfast Airport jobs offer competitive salaries that compare well against what you can expect to receive on most other jobs in Belfast and the UK. A coach driver takes home about £15,000 or more in a year, while an inbound call centre advisor could earn anything from £10,000 to £20,000. George Best Belfast Airport jobs pay between £20,000 and £30,000 or more on average, but more-technical positions stand better chance of earning beyond this salary range.

Apart from competitive salaries, George Best Belfast Airport jobs also come with several other benefits. The airport prides itself as an employer of choice – one that provides a highly-motivated work setting for people of diverse skills. Depending on your eventual employer, you may be able to get access to benefits such as health cover, free parking and attractive retirement plans. The airport has a good ground transportation arrangement to enable you get to work on time with minimal stress.

Miscellaneous Facts about George Best Belfast Airport

George Best Belfast Airport was formerly known as Belfast City Airport, until 2006 when its name was changed to the present one. The airport is named in honour of George Best, a local professional footballer. The renaming ceremony was held on what would have been the 60th birthday of the late respected footballer. Flybe also announced in the same year that it would dedicate a plane to Best and name its Belfast City-Manchester service after him.

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The airport has a reputation of sort of being a good place to work in Belfast, making George Best Belfast Airport jobs worth special consideration by those seeking for jobs or desiring a career change. It has won several awards, including Workforce Training’s Employer of the Year and BITC Community Impact Award in 2013.

George Best Belfast Airport also appears to be environmentally responsible, going by its environmental policy. The airport’s environmental policy states that efforts would be made to strike a balance between social and economic benefits of growth and impacts on the environment. George Best Belfast Airport is a signatory to the Sustainable Aviation Strategy, an initiative bringing together different players in the UK aviation industry with a commitment to lessening carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions as well as aircraft noise pollution over a period of 15 years. In collaboration with Business in Community and its ARENA Network, George Best Belfast Airport has developed and maintains an Environmental Management System (EMS), which got Green Dragon standard Level 3 certification in 2010. The facility has also received several other environmental certifications.

Part of George Best Belfast Airport’s ways of giving back to the community is through charity donations. The airport once matched a donation of over £10,000 generated at the family programme of the Cancer Fund for Children, which named it its charity partner of the year in 2007. It has worked with several other charities, including Macmillan Cancer Support, Mencap and Concern Worldwide. For 2015, George Best Belfast Airport will be partnering with Northern Ireland Transplant Association in facilitating numerous fundraising events during the year to promote organ donations and help raise much-needed funds for the charity.

Those people looking to land technical George Best Belfast Airport jobs like airline pilot jobs may be able to access training at the airport. This is because the facility possesses a UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) public use aerodrome licence, allowing it to be used both for public transport of passengers and for giving flying instruction.

Make the decision to secure your financial future today with a career at George Best Belfast Airport. Visit our job board Airport Jobs for the best airport jobs.

Get a Job!

If George Best Belfast Airport jobs sound right to you from what you have read so far, you may want to head on over to our Airport Jobs board for information on any openings available at every point in time. Honestly, the airport does sound like a decent setting that an average employee would love to work in. The interesting thing is that George Best Belfast Airport jobs are not restricted to just those possessing technical skills, but for virtually all skill levels. A dull moment is virtually impossible working in an airport.

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