Belfast International Airport Jobs

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Belfast International Airport is the major gateway to Northern Ireland. It offers a great place for many people to look for job as well, given its prominent position. This piece is aimed at telling you all you need to know about this important Northern Irish location as well as provide sample Belfast Airport Jobs, which you may find on our Airport Jobs board, along with salaries.

About Belfast International Airport

Codenamed BFS by IATA and EGAA by ICAO, Belfast International Airport is situated northwest of Belfast, Northern Ireland. It was originally established to serve as a training location for the Royal Flying Corps during the First World War. Although the airfield received some level of civil air traffic, it functioned largely as a Royal Air Force facility until it was reopened as a civil airport in 1963 by Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, with the present terminal building also inaugurated alongside it.

Today, Belfast International Airport is a major air gateway in Northern Ireland, with about four million passengers passing through it annually. In terms of passenger traffic, it is the busiest airport in the country. The airport is surpassed only by Dublin Airport as the busiest on the entire island of Ireland, with Belfast City, Cork and Shannon airports trailing behind.

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Belfast International Airport is owned by America-based ADC & HAS, which also owns several other airports, including Orlando Sanford International Airport, Stockholm Skavsta and Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport. The air travel facility, which has one jet way on its international pier, take passengers to several mainland Europe and transcontinental destinations. It is one of the top locations for airfreight in the United Kingdom.

Belfast International Airport Jobs

Belfast Airport jobs are in no short supply, especially given the prominent position of the airport in the country and the extent of passenger and cargo traffic it hosts. Belfast International Airport boasts around three dozen top employers, who help to make the Belfast Airport jobs that can be found on our job board possible. Aside the airport itself, other employers in and around this airfield include easyJet, Jet2, Thomas Cook Airlines, Thomson Airways, Star Air (Maersk Air), TNT Airways, Atlantic Airlines, DHL Aviation, Aegean Airlines and BH Air. Virgin Atlantic and Sun Express are among the companies expected to commence flight operations from Belfast International Airport soon.

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Between these employers, several thousands of Belfast Airport jobs are created. While the airport says it has around 200 people in its employment, about four thousand other job positions are provided by on-site companies numbering more than 30. As would be expected of a location such as this, the top Belfast Airport jobs include airline pilot, aircraft engineer and cabin crew or flight attendant jobs. If you do not have the skills to take up any of the mentioned jobs, do not worry. There is no shortage of job openings, which means your skills and expertise will fit in somewhere. Other popular Belfast Airport jobs include:

* Customer service jobs
* Passenger services jobs
* Ramp assistant jobs
* Dispatch agent jobs
* Technical support jobs
* Security jobs
* Sales jobs
* Driving jobs
* Call centre jobs
* Baggage handler jobs
* Cabin crew jobs
* Fire fighter jobs
* Air traffic control jobs

These are few of the popular jobs at Belfast International Airport. You can find some of these Belfast Airport jobs on our job board.

In addition to the several thousands of jobs available at Belfast International Airport, more are being created as airlines operating there continue to expand their operations. For instance, easyJet and Jet2 have revealed within the last year plans to add new jobs to the existing ones.

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Belfast Airport Jobs – Salaries and Benefits

Belfast International Airport is a good place you should check out for jobs, especially if you live in or close to the city of Belfast. These Belfast Airport jobs are among some of the best paid around. For example, a driver can earn up to £20,000 in annual salary, while a customer service agent may also earn in the same range. Security jobs at Belfast International Airport bring in an average of about £27,000 in yearly salary. There is opportunity for higher pay in higher positions such as that of a sales manager, which earns you up to £50,000 or higher a year.

The pluses of Belfast Airport jobs do not end with salaries; there are other benefits as well. An individual working for this airport will be able to enjoy a pension scheme, to which the company contributes, as well as life assurance. That’s not all. You get to benefit from a health club, a car scheme, a child care vouchers scheme and a counselling service. Enhanced public holidays, annual leave and maternity/paternity/adoption leave are also available. You may also get service awards and retirement gifts when it is time for you to end your career at Belfast International Airport.

The airport is linked by different means of transportation to allow you commute easily between work and home. You can go to work in your car and take advantage of free parking space provided for airport employees. If you would rather take a bus, Translink operates a 24-hour express bus service from the city centre to the airport. The nearby Antrim railway station and Belfast Central railway station are also linked by buses to the Airport. All these combine to make Belfast Airport jobs worthy of consideration by anyone looking for a job.

Interesting Facts about Belfast International Airport

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This airport was in the past known as Aldergrove Airport and some people still call in by that name today. The name was said to have been derived from the nearby village of Aldergrove, which is located west of Belfast International Airport. Also, the air travel facility used to be shared with RAF Aldergrove before the Royal Air Force base folded in 2008 and the area previously occupied by it placed under the control of Belfast International Airport.

The busiest international routes covered by airlines operating from here include airports in Palma, Malaga and Alicante (all in Spain), Faro (Portugal), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Newark (U.S.). For domestic routes, the leading ones are London Gatwick, Liverpool, London Stansted, Glasgow International and London Luton airports.

The highest ever passenger traffic at Belfast International Airport was recorded in 2007 when more than five million passengers used the facility for air travel. That number has since dropped and is now hovering around four million. But there is plan to boost traffic at the airport in the coming years – yet another reason to give serious thought to Belfast Airport jobs when searching for employment.

Belfast International Airport is frequently used by a significant number of business people. In 2013, around 60 percent of all travelers going in and out of the Northern Ireland for business purpose made use of this air travel facility. About 30 percent of the total Belfast International Airport passengers were travelling for business. These figures show this is a great place to work, especially if you are interested in making contacts with key people in the world of business.

Belfast International Airport has a UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Public Use Aerodrome License, which makes it possible to use the airport not only for public air transport of passengers, but also for conducting flight training.

The airport is both corporately and socially responsible as a result of its own recognition that it has to be sensitive to the needs of stakeholders – both those that influence its decisions and the ones its decisions affect. The airport targets its corporate and social responsibility (CSR) activity on six key areas, namely: workplace and employees, customers, suppliers, regulators, community involvement and environmental impact. As a way of making Belfast Airport jobs fulfilling, the airport conducts an employee opinion survey to help it identify issues that its workers urgently need to have resolved. Staff members are also given opportunity to develop in their chosen career.

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Start working on Belfast Airport Jobs

As previously stated, you need not be a pilot, an aircraft engineer or an air hostess to work at Belfast International Airport. There are numerous types of jobs available, including those you only require secondary education to get. All these jobs are important in their different ways towards ensuring things work as intended day to day at the airport.

If you are interested in landing one of the available Belfast Airport jobs, just head on over to our Airport Jobs board. New jobs are available almost on a daily basis, which means you need to be checking the job board regularly so as not to miss out on well-paid and fitting Belfast Airport jobs. The salaries and benefits you get for some of these jobs are probably among the best around.

Hope you find the information presented here in determining whether you should consider landing one of the available Belfast Airport jobs.

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