Stansted Airport Jobs

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In this article you will find all you need to know about Stansted Airport jobs. From background information to salary examples, it’s all there. And don’t forget to visit our job board Airport Jobs for the best jobs at Stansted Airport.

About Stansted Airport

Stansted Airport, otherwise known as STN in airport code or London Stansted Airport, is located in Stansted Mountifitchet in Essex, England. It is located 48 km North East of Central London. Stansted is known to be a base for many major low cost European Airlines. Manchester Airlines Group, otherwise known as M.A.G. agreed to purchase Stansted Airport from BAA on 18 January, 2013, and became the rightful owner of the Airport on 28 February, 2013. The Airport was purchased for £1.5 billion pounds.Stansted Airport contains one main passenger terminal in which it services over 17.5 arriving and departing passengers per year and allowing for thousands of Stansted Airport jobs.

History of Stansted Airport

There is much history behind the Stansted Airport. Stansted Airport was originally opened in 1943, and was known academically by the name Stansted Mountifitchet; however, both when spoken and in writing, it was known simply as Stansted. The Airport was used during World War 2 as an airforce base by the Royal Air Force (also known as R.A.F.) and the United States Army to house bomber aircraft. It was also used as a major maintenance depot. After the withdrawal of the United States troops on 12 August, 1945, Stansted was then taken over by the British Air Ministry and used by the R.A.F. for storage.

In 1966, The British Aviation Authority (B.A.A.) and the British government decided they would develop Stansted into London’s third airport to help alleviate overcrowding and congestion issues that were foreseen to arise in the future at both Heathrow Airport and Gatwick Airport.
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Since then, Stansted has earned its place on the list of the busiest airports in the United Kingdom, ranking as number four in 2013. Stansted operated 24/7 and 365 days a year, traveling to over 150 destinations in 30 countries.
[cmamad id=”282″ align=”floatleft” tabid=”283″ mobid=”284″ stg=””]Fifty percent of passengers will utilize public transport to arrive to/from Stansted on the Stansted Express railway. This railway goes all the way into Central London.

The most popular international destinations leaving from Stansted, in order, are:

• Dublin
• Alicante –Spain
• Malaga – Spain
• Rome – Italy

The most popular UK destinations within the UK from Stansted are:

• Belfast

Jobs at Stansted Airport

If you live in England and are considering a career change, or are simply looking to gain a career at all, Stansted Airport jobs should most certainly be considered. Jobs at Stansted Airport are various, and are constantly being updated on the career section of our website. It’s worth taking a look through the various job postings on a daily basis in order to view the current jobs in Stansted Airport.

There over 80 food, beverage, and retail locations on site at Stansted, as well as many other aviation related companies which are oftentimes hiring. There is also an Employment and Skills academy available online in which potential employees can gain education and knowledge through online courses and training.

There are 10,200 people employed at Stansted Airport, of which 1,316 are actually employed directly on-site. There is continual job growth, and this is great news for people looking for jobs in Stansted Airport.

Stansted Airport Salaries & Benefits

Some of the many benefits one can expect to receive after obtaining jobs at Stansted Airport are:
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• Life insurance coverage
• Childcare vouchers
• Pension scheme
• The ability to join the ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme, in which the government pays for your bicycle and all safety equipment up front, and then you are able to pay the cost back over the course of a year from direct debits from your bank account
• Health insurance scheme
• Work/life balance counseling
• Vouchers for specialists
• Discounted railway fares
• The ability to take part in the Annual Sale, where employees are offered a handsome discount on many products available at the many shoppes at Stansted
• Free Long Term Parking for Holiday

And there are many other reasons why one would like to look for Stansted Airport jobs. In particular, the fact that you will be valued and appreciated in your position, coupled with a competitive wage salary, provides job security and comfortability.

Some of the most popular roles people apply to obtain at Stansted Airport are:

Coach Drivers
Trolley Operator
Fire Officer
Customer Service Officer
Security Officer

There are also many other positions one could attempt to apply for, such as business administration, construction, and more.
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Start working at Stansted Airport

Making a career change is never usually easy, but it is usually worth it. Seeking employment at Stansted will no doubt be a great decision, and a lucrative life investment towards your future.

So start now and visit our job board Airport Jobs for the best Stansted Airport jobs.

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