Cardiff Airport Jobs

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Interested in Cardiff Airport jobs? I must say they may be worth the interest given these are jobs in an international airport with promise of many memorable moments. In this post, you will find all you need to know about this Welsh airport and ideas of the sort of jobs you may be able to secure there.

Cardiff Airport Overview

History of Cardiff Airport began in the early 1940s with the requisition of land by the Air Ministry in the rural Vale of Glamorgan. The requisitioned land was used to establish a satellite aerodrome and training base known as RAF Rhoose for RAF Spitfire pilots during the Second World War. Construction began on the site in 1941 and the airfield was first used in April 1942. It was abandoned after the war, but was later converted to a civilian airport and opened as the Rhoose Airport in October 1952, with Irish flag carrier Aer Lingus commencing flight service from there to Dublin in the same year.

The airport initially belonged to Cardiff Airport Limited, a private company completely owned by former public company TBI Ltd. The Welsh Government announced in March 2013 that it had bought Cardiff Airport from TBI Ltd, a company owned by the Spanish conglomerate Abertis (90 percent) and the world’s largest airport operator Aena International (10 percent). There were claims at the time that the government had nationalised the airport’s owner, but it said a purchase price of £52,000,000 was paid for the take-over. The Welsh government did not take up operation of the airport, but left that to Cardiff Airport Limited.

In addition to domestic and British destinations, flights are operated from Cardiff Airport to destinations in several European cities. Destination list features Dublin, Aberdeen, Newcastle, Belfast City, Jersey, Munich, Barcelona, Edinburgh, Dusseldorf, Paris, Milan and Amsterdam, amongst others. The airport’s busiest domestic route, according to 2014 statistics, was Edinburgh, followed by Belfast City, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Newcastle in that order. Its top five international routes were Amsterdam, Alicante, Dublin, Palma de Mallorca and Malaga. Cardiff Airport handled record passenger traffic of more than 2 million in 2007, but passenger totals have been in the one-million region in recent years.

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Jobs at Cardiff Airport

It is almost predictable that you are reading this mainly because of the interest you have in Cardiff Airport jobs. This air travel facility makes several hundreds of jobs available to people living in the Cardiff area. As at December 2014, it had ‘a total employment impact of 1750 full time jobs’ and another 900 full-time jobs via induced and indirect impact, making it a key player in the economic life of the region. Airlines operating here and helping to create Cardiff Airport jobs include Thomas Cook Airlines (the leader in terms of passenger figures), Thomson Airlines, KLM, Aer Lingus Regional, Flybe Links Air and Eastern Airways.

So what are the most popular Cardiff Airport jobs you can expect to find?

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Airline jobs – These are the jobs that can be found at the different airlines operating out of this airport. This type of Cardiff Airport jobs include pilot, cabin crew and counter ticket agent positions. You need to have undergone extensive training and have specific flying experience to work as a pilot, but most of the other positions require minimal or no training.

Security jobs – When talking about Cardiff Airport jobs or those at other airports, security jobs cannot be overlooked. Security is quite essential at an airport with lots of people going and coming. It is the work of security personnel to keep threats at bay and ensure safety of passengers and their belongings as well as airport property. You do not need significant formal education to work in this role.

Air traffic controller – People working in this capacity are trained to see to safe landing and takeoff of aircraft at Cardiff Airport. Air traffic controllers track and guide planes both on land in the air space around the airport. This job is among the best paying Cardiff Airport jobs.

Airport baggage handler – As the name already suggest, this is an employee that helps to ensure passenger baggage gets to their preferred destinations and in the right state. They make sure luggage is loaded onto aircraft and taken off at their destinations. This is one of the options to consider when looking for Cardiff Airport jobs that do not require applicants to have higher educational qualifications.

The Cardiff Airport jobs mentioned above are, of course, not the only ones available. There are numerous other positions you may come across, including:

* Customer service agent
* Airport agent
* Aircraft cleaner
* Parking attendant
* Driver
* Fire fighter
* Maintenance technician
* Mechanic
* Airport engineer
* Airfield maintenance
* Sales representatives
* Finance manager
* Electrician
* Terminal manager

One thing you may have noticed from the jobs mentioned is that they are available in different areas and require people with diverse levels of skills. You are very sure to find what you can do from Cardiff Airport jobs that are available from time to time. More jobs are also added every now and then. For example, Flybe announced it would be adding new routes and dozens of jobs few months ago. The Welsh government also talks of a development plan that will help to improve the airport’s facilities to attract more passengers – and possibly boosting the number of Cardiff Airport jobs.

When searching for Cardiff Airport jobs, you may find our Airport Jobs board quite helpful in your quest. You can get all information you need on openings, including job descriptions and salaries, amongst others.

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Salaries and Benefits

The average pay for Cardiff Airport jobs is well over £20,000. Employees working on jobs that are non-technical or do not require significant training may earn way less than this amount while technical or senior positions pay significantly more than this. For example, an airport baggage handler may earn any amount from £12,000 to £18,000 in annual salary, while an air traffic controller can earn between £30,000 and £40,000 per year. In addition to salaries that are often competitive, there are several benefits and privileges you may be entitled to when working on any of the Cardiff Airport jobs, depending on your employer. These may include paid sick leave, share benefits and pension plans. Obviously, it is worthwhile considering getting one of the available Cardiff Airport jobs.

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Miscellaneous Facts about Cardiff Airport

David Rees-Williams (Lord Ogmore) has been credited as the person who suggested the village of Rhoose as a great location to site a civilian airport. As the Minister of Aviation, the Second World War Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Artillery told the House of Lords that establishing a commercial airport in the area was the most cost-friendly and safest way for civil aviation in the region. Rees-Williams proposal was accepted, leading to the re-development of the airfield abandoned after the WWII.

Cardiff Airport boasts of being the gateway to Wales, operating more than 50 direct routes and over 900 connecting destinations. Its runway stretches almost 2,400 metres in length. The airport serves as British Airways’ main maintenance base and, in the past, was the main base of Cambrian Airlines, Airway Wales and Airways International Cymru. It is a base of several airlines, including Thomas Cook Airlines and Flybe. There are several aerospace-oriented companies in the vicinity of the airport, making it a key contributor to the economy through Cardiff Airport jobs and other related ones.

In Wales, Cardiff Airport is supposedly the only airport that provides international schedule flight services. It is equally served by low-fare, business and charter carriers on schedule basis. In 2010, a flying school was established at the airport for those interested in flight training. Executive flight services are also available at the air travel facility. Three Beechcraft King Air 200 series planes are operated there by Dragonfly Executive Air Charter.

If you are a lover of nature, you may enjoy working on one of the Cardiff Airport jobs, given the location of the facility in a rural setting. Situated in the Vale of Glamorgan, the airport should offer a more serene work environment compared to some other airports. The strategic position also reduces noise impact on the nearby community.

In spite of being located in a rural area, Cardiff Airport boasts good transport system to make it easier getting to work after you may have managed to secure one of the available Cardiff Airport jobs. The airport is only 30 minutes away from the Cardiff city centre. Its nearest railway station is Rhoose Cardiff International railway station, which is connected to the departures terminal by a shuttle bus. The Cardiff Airport Express bus service operated by TrawsCymru takes people between the airport and the city centre every twenty minutes. You may also decide to opt for a car hire or taxi services.

There you have all you need to know about Cardiff Airport and Cardiff Airport jobs. Don’t forget to check our job board regularly for new openings.

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