Aberdeen Airport Jobs

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Aberdeen Airport, also known as Aberdeen Dyce International Airport is one of the key aviation centres in Scotland and a leading commercial heliport in the world. If you are interested in working at this airport, this post is aimed at providing you more information on this commercial airfield as well as Aberdeen Airport jobs and average salaries for some of these jobs.

Aberdeen Airport Overview

Situated in the Aberdeen suburb of Dyce, Aberdeen Airport is an international airport serving millions of passengers every year. The total number of passengers that passed through the airport in 2014 was put at 3.7 million, up from 3.5 million of the previous year. In 2014, ownership and management of the airport was transferred from Heathrow Airport Holdings to AGS Airports Limited, which doubles as owner and operator of Glasgow Airport and Southampton Airport. There are several thousands of Aberdeen Airport jobs around the facility for those who might be interested.

Established by Eric Gandar Dower, the airport opened in 1934 to serve as link between the northern Scottish islands and London. The airfield was a Royal Air Force Station during the Second World War. It was nationalized in 1947 and later placed under the control of British Airports Authority (BAA) in 1975.

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Aberdeen Airport is a major heliport for the Scottish offshore oil industry. The discovery of oil in the North Sea led to the commencement of helicopter operations here in 1967 to link the mainland to the offshore oil rigs, which were increasing in number and creating more Aberdeen Airport jobs in the process. With Aberdeen becoming a leading oil centre in Europe, this international airport has become the busiest commercial heliport in the world, with passenger traffic put at around 500,000 a year.

Aberdeen Airport, which is allocated the IATA code ABZ, has one fixed-wing runway and three helicopter runways. It has one passenger terminal for scheduled and charter holiday flights as well as three helicopter terminals for North Sea oil operations. There is also an offshore fixed-wing terminal.

Aberdeen Airport Jobs

Airports are known to offer diverse job opportunities — Aberdeen Airport is not an exception to this. More than 250 people are estimated to be in the direct employment of airport, but several thousands of employment opportunities are supported by the air travel facility. Passenger airlines operating here and helping to provide these Aberdeen Airport jobs include British Airways, Eastern Airways, KLM, Flybe, Aer Lingus Regional, Air France, easyJet, Thomas Cook Airlines, Lufthansa and BMI Regional. Cargo airlines such as Ben Air, West Atlantic and Loganair also operate out of Aberdeen Airport. Bristow Helicopters, Bond Offshore Helicopters and CHC-Scotia — the North Sea helicopter operators — are among other employers also worthy of note.

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The following are some of the Aberdeen Airport jobs that you could consider applying for if you have what it takes to handle such roles:

  • Sales Attendant
  • Driver
  • Sales consultant
  • Flight support officer
  • Operations officer
  • Cleaner
  • Customer service assistant or advisor
  • Ramp agent
  • Baggage handler
  • Security officer
  • Security manager
  • Business development manager
  • Hotel receptionist
  • Air hostess
  • Reservations agent

The jobs listed above are just a snapshot of the sorts of Aberdeen Airport jobs you could consider applying for; there are several hundreds more. You could check our job board for these jobs and numerous other opportunities you might be interested in.

In addition to the thousands of exciting Aberdeen Airport jobs that are already on ground, thousands more appear to be on the horizon. The extension of the airport’s runway, already spanning about 2000 metres, was being considered by the BAA and there is possibility of the plan being executed by the current owners. Such an extension will make it possible for larger aircraft to ply the runway, thereby expanding existing destinations and creating thousands of extra Aberdeen Airport job opportunities.

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Salaries for and Benefits of Aberdeen Airport Jobs

There is a wide selection of jobs available at Aberdeen Airport in different areas such as operations, management, sales and security, among others. These positions pay fairly well also. Top positions like site engineer, facilities manager, operations manager and account manager take home salaries ranging from £30,000 to £50,000, or higher, on an annual basis, but some asset managers can take home as high as £90,000 annually. Security manager at Aberdeen Airport earns upwards of £30,000 a year, while a sales assistant earns in the region of £20,000 per year. Obviously, the higher the skills or expertise needed for a job, the more you should expect to earn in salary.

There are several benefits attached to Aberdeen Airport jobs, beyond what you take home as salary. One of these benefits is variety. There is never a dull moment when working in an airport, as virtually every day brings on something new and exciting.

Miscellaneous Information about Aberdeen Airport

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Aberdeen Airport is not just another also-ran airport, but one that has been recognized for excellence in one regard or the other over the years. So working directly for the airport or for any other companies and service providers affiliated to it should be a thing to be proud of. Here are some of the awards or honors won by Aberdeen Airport:

  • MERIT – British Safety Council’s International Safety Award for 2014
  • Winner of Best UK Airport (under six million passengers) at Airport Operators Association awards in 2014.
  • Gold Investors in People award 2014
  • Gold Healthy Working Lives award 2013
  • Best Bus Service Airport Jet Bus 727 at Scottish Transport Awards 2011
  • Silver Investors in People award 2011

In addition to the above awards, the airport has been shortlisted for and was finalist in several top awards.

On the east side of the airport, general aviation flight training is organised for individuals looking to obtain a private pilot license, handled by Cabro Aviation. Bristow Helicopters and Eurocopter also have flight simulators used for training those interested in learning how to fly a helicopter in buildings situated at the airport.

As would be expected of an international airport, Aberdeen Airport is well provided with other forms of transportation to be used by passengers and those working on Aberdeen Airport jobs. The airport is situated on the main A96 Aberdeen-Inverness road, a few kilometres away from the city centre. An 80 Dyce Airlink shuttle bus carry passengers and employees between the airport, the Dyce railway station nearby, and the heliport as well as the Kirk hill industrial estate. The local and express bus services serving Aberdeen Airport are managed by First Aberdeen and Stagecoach Bluebird. The airport has a dedicated No. 727 bus service to the main bus and train station in the Aberdeen city centre — running every 20 minutes.

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Working on Aberdeen Airport Jobs

Aside the often-lucrative salaries they offer, jobs at Aberdeen Airport can offer you a quite fulfilling career, one filled with many pleasant experiences you will likely look back on later in life and have smiles beaming on your face. Aberdeen Airport jobs offer variety and often provide you a good means of meeting more people that could be of great assistance to you in the future.

If you are ready to start your working career at Aberdeen Airport, head on to our job board to explore the available job opportunities to find one you consider suitable, rewarding and interesting.

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