Passenger Service Jobs

In this article you will find all you need to know about the passenger service agent jobs you will find on each airport. From background information to salary examples, it’s all there. And don’t forget to visit our job board [jobsearchlink text=”Airport Jobs” query=”Passenger”] for the best Passenger Service Jobs.

Passenger Service Agent Jobs

Many people mull over the idea of gaining employment within an airport. They think of positions like ticketing for the airlines, or baggage claim, or security. Not often does passenger service agent jobs come up and run through one’s mind.
“What exactly are passenger service agent jobs, and how does one go about obtaining one?,” you might be asking yourself.

Passenger service agent jobs are a form of customer service jobs in which the employee works directly with the public within the airport. They usually have three specific areas in which they work at an airport.

Passenger service agents work at the check in desk and print/book tickets and boarding passes when passengers are readying for their flights, and are also available to answer any questions in which the customer may have. They also work at the boarding gate, where they ensure all passengers boarding the flight have their boarding passes and are assigned to a seat. They also make announcements over the airport PA system to announce boarding and which rows and sections are boarding.

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In a typical passenger service agent job description you will find, aside from the two job duties listed above, helping disabled or handicapped passengers board onto the aircraft before takeoff. Sometimes, they are designated to other duties dependent on the daily needs within the airport.

There is no degree necessary to be a passenger service agent. You should have a High School education at minimum, however. You will also undergo training once hired to ensure you meet the quality standards of the airport and airline in which you work for. You will, however, be required to pay close attention to detail with this job as there is a lot of paperwork and important booking aspects involved.

In terms of salary, passenger service agent salary at entry level per annum is around £11,000. Someone who’s experienced with the position can expect to receive an estimated £13,500.

Airport Check-In Jobs

Airport Check-In jobs are one of the many customer service type jobs available throughout an airport. All airlines offer this service as it is a necessary and required part of boarding any flight. Airport check-In jobs are essential to an airport’s daily functionality on many levels.

When a passenger arrives to the airport, they approach the airline they will be flying in’s check-in desk where the airport check-in specialist meets them and weighs their luggage, puts a name tag on the luggage, takes any applicable baggage fees, and prints physical tickets and boarding passes for the passenger. They also book travel for last minute flights, and are able to make changes to reservations and add information to an existing reservation.

[cmamad id=”282″ align=”floatleft” tabid=”283″ mobid=”284″ stg=””]Airport check in agents are also designated the duty on occasion of asking security questions and asking customers to verify personal information for the safety and wellbeing of everyone on the flight and within the airport.

Aside from the above mentioned duties, airport check in jobs employees are also available to answer questions in which the passenger may have pertaining to their flight, estimated delays, wait times, and other questions. Because these individuals deal directly with the public, it’s good practice to maintain a pleasant persona even when the job gets stressful and you may feel overwhelmed.

Although speaking a second language is not a requirement to obtain a position working as an airport check-in specialist, it is a skill in which the airport admires greatly because of the cultural differences in many of the passengers boarding these flights. If you are able to speak a second language, this may just be enough to land you a position as it could be very helpful when translation is necessary.

On occasion, airline check-in agents will sometimes need to escort a handicapped or disabled person, or perhaps underage child who is flying alone, to either the gate or terminal in which they will be flying on or directly onto the flight they will be taking.

Though there is no degree pertaining to becoming a customer service agent, a college education is preferred by most airlines to work in this position, as well as previous customer service experience. It is usually not a requirement, however.

If you are selected as a potential candidate, you will need to undergo a training program of about 4-8 weeks, depending on the airline which hires you.

Salary per annum differs; however entry level airport check-in salary for this job is approximately £12,000-14,000 per annum. A more experienced employee will earn approximately £16,000 per annum.

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Baggage Handler Jobs

Baggage handler jobs are required at every airline, at every airport. These are the people who drive the carts full of luggage to each individual airplane, and load the entirety of the passenger luggage onto the plane. These individuals also unload all pieces of luggage from a plane when a plane arrives to its final destination, and load it onto the conveyer belts at the baggage claim section of the airport.

[cmamad id=”369″ align=”floatleft” tabid=”370″ mobid=”371″ stg=””]Baggage handler jobs are physically demanding and require the individual employed in their positions to be honest first and foremost, able to lift quite a bit of weight every day, and also have the ability to move and work quickly. Usually, there is a team of one or two baggage handlers working in conjunction with one another per plane.

Ensuring each piece of luggage gets onto the aircraft and from the aircraft to the baggage claim area under the proper flight is a very important task, and therefore this job requires a lot of attention to detail.

Baggage handlers also help to keep the runways clear or debris and keep the area around the airplanes de-iced and snow free during the winter months.

Long work days are to be expected as a baggage handler job, as with most other customer service jobs at any airport. Twelve hour days are not uncommon, and 39 hour work weeks are commonplace. Shifts usually include nights, weekends, and country wide holidays as well.

Though there is no designated degree necessary to obtain a baggage handler job, you will need to be at least 18 years old due to the nature of the job and also in good health. A good High School education would also be helpful. You also must not mind working inside as well as outside in any weather conditions there may be such as snow, ice, wind, rain, and storms. You must be able to pass rigorous security checks prior to gaining employment as well.

As far as salary is concerned, this differs from person to person and based on experience and capability. Entry level salaries per annum are typically around £15,000-18,000. Those who have obtained quite a bit more experience or who have supervisor duties typically earn approximately £20,000 per annum.

Some baggage handler salary is paid per hour and not necessarily a fixed rate per year. In this instance, you are typically looking anywhere from £7-9 per hour.

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In conclusion, whether you are opting to become a passenger service agent, work at the airport check-in counters, or work as a baggage handling specialist, whichever of the three jobs you choose will make a huge impact on the airport in which you work for. The airport depends on the people in these positions to make things run smoothly every day, and your job would be viewed as important to all administration within the airport. You would never have to feel as though your job wasn’t important enough, as airports value all of their employees.

[cmamad id=”381″ align=”floatleft” tabid=”382″ mobid=”383″ stg=””]Since neither of the three jobs are entirely difficult to get, you could begin your search for employment today by contacting your local airport and asking what positions they have available, or even look on your local airport’s website to view the current job openings for yourself.

It is never too late to switch careers or to begin your career life working in an airport as one of the important components in customer service. If you are unhappy in your current employment situation and are looking for something different, and have always had the desire to work at an airport, why not give one of these positions a try? You never know where it might take you, or the advancement opportunities which may arise from obtaining one of these positions.

Although the beginning pay scale may not appeal to you, just remember with time and patience comes raises and bonus money. Everyone has to begin somewhere, and patience and perseverance is important to gaining better pay and impressing your superiors.

Take the first step to beginning your new and exciting career today as a customer service specialist in any of the aforementioned categories. As long as you have a smile and great personality, you will fit right in and the potential for you to remain in your new found position and even excel at it will be much higher.

Give the position all you’ve got, and make it count. Here’s to brand new beginnings. Visit our job board [jobsearchlink q=”Airport” text=”Airport Jobs”] for the [jobsearchlink q=”passenger service” text=”best passenger service”].

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