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In this article you will find all you need to know about Luton Airport jobs. From background information to salary examples, it’s all there. And don’t forget to visit our job board [jobsearchlink q=”Airport” l=”Luton” text=”Airport Jobs”] for the best jobs at Luton Airport.

About Luton Airport

Luton Airport is located in Bedfordshire, England. Known by Airport code as LTN, Luton serviced over 9.7 million passengers in 2013 alone. Luton Airport is currently owned by Luton Borough Council, although it is managed and operated by a private sector company known as London Luton Airport Operations Ltd., and has been maintained by said company for the past 30 years accounting for hundreds of Luton jobs.

The London Luton Airport was officially opened on 16 July, 1938, and was originally known as the Luton Municipal Airport. The Airport was owned at the time by the Borough of Luton.

During the years of war, Luton Municipal continued to operate as a commercial aerodrome. It was also home to 364 Fighter Squadron. This was also an integral site in that the Percival Aircraft Company built a series of military and civil use aircraft.

After much history had passed, in 1992 and 1996, over £30 million was invested into the airport, to make much needed improvements and upgrades in which the structure of the airport itself so desperately needed. 2013 was London Luton Airport’s 75th Anniversary and it still caters for thousands of Luton Airport jobs.

Luton’s website confirms that in 2013, 89% of passengers flew on international flights, while 11% flew domestically.

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The top 10 destinations traveled to from Luton are as follows, in order:

1. Budapest
2. Amsterdam
3. Dublin
4. Warsaw
5. Glasgow
6. Bucharest
7. Geneva
8. Edinburgh
9. Paris
10. Palma

[cmamad id=”282″ align=”floatleft” tabid=”283″ mobid=”284″ stg=””]There are 9 scheduled carriers that work with/out of Luton, and 4 charter carriers. Thomson Airways is one of the leading and world’s largest chartered airlines; they also have their home base at Luton Airport.

People traveling from or to Luton Airport, or maybe even employees on their lunch hour, may be seeking something fun to do in the area. Bedfordshire has some notable attractions in which sightseers and employees looking to kill some time might look into, such as:

• The ZSL Whipsnade Zoo
• The Bedfordshire countryside – a scenic view, including old cottages, towns and villages, and stately homes
• Restaurants
• Pubs
• Cycling and scenic walks
• Carnival and Mela, Europe’s biggest one day event

Jobs at Luton Airport

For those seeking Luton Airport jobs, there are many employment opportunities abounding. Jobs at Luton Airport are posted and updated constantly on [jobsearchlink q=”Airport” l=Luton” text=”Luton Airport Job Board”]. Some of the current job postings are as follows:

Security Officer jobs
Customer Service jobs
• Full Time Team Leaders (Retail)
Sales Associate jobs (Retail)

Aside from the currently listed jobs in Luton Airport, there are also many other positions in which one could seek employment. They are as follows:

Trolley operative jobs
Baggage Handler jobs
• Business Administration
• Cabin Crew jobs
Cleaning jobs
Runway Assistant jobs
Coach Driver jobs
• Human Resources jobs
Parking jobs

Most of these Luton jobs are also available as part time jobs.

[cmamad id=”369″ align=”floatleft” tabid=”370″ mobid=”371″ stg=””]As well as the above listed positions, there are always further jobs at Luton Airport which are available if you submit your current and adequate CV detailing the skill in which you have to complete the required task of these various London Luton Airport Jobs.

Having and maintaining a proper CV or Resume will ensure you will attract the desired attention from the hiring specialists when looking for London Luton Airport vacancies. There are resume writing services in which you could utilize, and if you’d rather be frugal and do it yourself, you could do a few Google searches on how to write a proper resume and look for examples of a good resume. Pay attention to layout, format, font, detail and section titles. Be sure you include as much skill as possible, without giving details that don’t matter. You want to consolidate your resume to one page if possible.

Luton Airport Salaries & Benefits

There are many benefits available to those who would like to find Luton Airport jobs. Some of these benefits may include health insurance, childcare vouchers, pension schemes, employee discounts, and more.

Despite the fact that it will take some work on your behalf to seek employment by keeping updated with our [jobsearchlink q=”Airport” l=Luton” text=”Luton Airport Job Board”], and ensuring your resume or CV is up to par, it will be an adventurous and fun experience even just applying for the position at Luton. The excitement you will get from working at this airport is like none other.

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Start working at Luton Airport

You will more than likely experience things working for Luton that you had never experienced anywhere else before, like the many cultures you will come across on any given day, or the excitement on travelers faces as they get ready to board for holiday. Whatever the reason you want to work at Luton, it would be a rewarding and exciting career comparable to no other career available.

So start now and visit our job board [jobsearchlink q=”Airport” l=Luton” text=”Airport Jobs”] for the best [jobsearchlink q=”Airport” l=Luton” text=”Luton Airport Jobs”].

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  1. I’m looking for full time employment and in security. I am leaving the Prison Service after nearly 20 years,previously I had security experience working for BAE systems, and Kodak. I have experience in specialist searching techniques and I have used X-ray machines.

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