London City Airport Jobs

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In this article you will find all you need to know about London City Airport jobs. From background information to salary examples, it’s all there. And don’t forget to visit our job board Airport Jobs for the best jobs at London City Airport.

About London City Airport

The London City Airport is located in London, England, almost directly near the Canary Wharf. Otherwise known as LCY in Airport Code, the London City Airport is owned by a consortium of AIG Financial Products Corporation, and Global Infrastructure Partners, otherwise known as GIP. GIP also own Gatwick Airport and Edinburgh Airport.

London City Airport opened in May of 1986 to relieve some of the influx and crowding of other area Airports, and was opened by Queen Elizabeth II. Services began on 26 October, 1987.

As time passed, repairs were needed. In 2013, work started on a £15 million investment programme for refurbishments on different aspects of the airport, such as the western pier, improved lounges, new departure gates, baggage handling areas, international arrivals area, and et cetera. This improvement scheme has created the speculation that passenger rates will increase by 8 million passengers per annum accouting for thousands of City Airport jobs.
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As far as noise control is concerned, being that the Airport is in such close proximity to the center of London, noise control efforts have been established. This limits the type of airliners which may land or depart from London City Airport.

In 2013, there were a recorded 3.3 million passengers, and London City was the 5th busiest Airport in terms of passengers and aircraft movement. It was also the 15th busiest within the UK.

There is access to trains, the Tube Network, bus, car, taxis, and private chauffeurs at London City Airport, so you can always get where you need to be or wherever it is you are going in a timely fashion.

Jobs at London City Airport

Finding London City Airport jobs is fairly easy. Just head over to our London City Airport Job Board in which London City Airport careers can be located with detailed descriptions of each job which is being offered.

[cmamad id=”282″ align=”floatleft” tabid=”283″ mobid=”284″ stg=””]You would also be extremely lucky to be working in a central location, close to absolutely everything. The Center of London is filled with exciting things to do – which would make for a great time on lunch time, or even for a stop by after work. You would be exposed to the city culture as you ride in to work each day, and things would never get boring or dull. There’s plenty to do on your lunch break in downtown London.

It is always a good idea, before searching for jobs at London City Airport, to ensure your resume or CV is up to date. Filling as much information in as humanly possible, as well as keeping it neat, orderly, and organized, is extremely important. Your CV or resume alone could score you the position which you are interested in, and give you an advantage over the other applicants.

There are currently over 2,000 employees at London City Airport, and they are spread out over direct employment as well as with other on-site business affiliates.

Some of the regularly available jobs at London City Airport are as follows:

• Senior Brand Coordinator
• Continuous Improvements Executive
• Senior Online and Social Media Coordinator
• Revenue Controller

There are always many different positions available as well, which are typical of any airport. You could always inquire within the airport in regards to which positions may be available which aren’t currently advertised.

Some of the other jobs at London City Airport are:

• Human Resources
Customer Service
Security Officer
Fire Brigade & Rescue
Retail Clerks and Assistants

and there are usually many other City Airport jobs to be found as well.

London City Airport Salaries & Benefits

[cmamad id=”369″ align=”floatleft” tabid=”370″ mobid=”371″ stg=””]Locating London City Airport jobs is not as difficult as one might think, and it is truly a rewarding experience to be able to work for one of the top notch Airports in the country, and the world.

There are many things you would get to experience on an everyday basis in which people who don’t work within the walls of London City Airport would never get to experience. There are so many people passing through the walls of this place every day that work could never be boring. You would continuously be exposed to new cultures and beliefs, which could even allow you to become more open minded.

So, in order to find one of the many London City Airport careers, you will need to begin looking. Make sure you fill the application out completely before submitting, and always enclose your resume, CV, and 5 years’ worth of references. Also, be sure to respond to a job availability by the expiration date shown on the job posting as anything in terms of applications received after that point will be disqualified from consideration.

Start working at London City Airport

Make your dreams your reality, and seek the employment you desire with London City Airport today. So start now and visit our job board Airport Jobs for the best London City Airport jobs.
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