Jersey Airport Jobs

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Jersey Airport is a leading air travel facility in the Channel Islands and it plays very vital role in the economy of the region. It is therefore one of those places that ought to be considered by someone interested in an aviation career. You will find in this post all you need to know about the facility and information on available Jersey Airport jobs.

Jersey Airport Overview

Situated in the parish of Saint Peter in Jersey, this airport was established in 1937. Air service had been conducted to the island prior to that time through the use of biplanes and seaplanes with the Saint Aubin bay beach serving as the landing spot. Imperial Airways and Jersey Airways were among the airlines that conducted flights to the island before the commencement of the Second World War. Unpredictable tides and public use of the landing area led to the construction of the airport by the States of Jersey. The longest of the four grass runways at inception measured about 896 metres before a lengthier tarmac runway (1,280 metres) was opened in 1952, leading to the closure of the earlier grass runways. That runway reached the current length of 1,706 metres in 1976.

Jersey Airport has several airlines which take passengers to neighbouring islands and several destinations in the United Kingdom, including Guernsey, London, Southampton, Cardiff, Manchester and Birmingham. In addition, there are flights to numerous popular destinations in Europe such as Barcelona, Geneva, Vienna, Hannover, Stuttgart and Munich. Jersey Airport handles about 1.5 million passengers and around 5,000 aircraft movements on an annual basis, according to available statistics for 2014.

The busiest route served by the airport is the one to London Gatwick Airport, on which approximately 606,000 passengers were handled in 2014. Among the busiest routes are Southampton, Guernsey, Liverpool, Birmingham and Manchester. On an average day, a minimum of 12 flights are conducted to Jersey from the UK. A ferry service is available between Jersey and three English ports.

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Working at Jersey Airports

If you happen to live anywhere on or near the island, Jersey Airport jobs may be well worth giving a thought when looking for a job. Major airlines operating at the airport include the Channel Islands airline Blue Islands, Aer Lingus Regional, British Airways, easyJet, Flybe, Germanwings and Lufthansa. These airlines provide a good number of the available Jersey Airport jobs and, with new destinations being added from time to time, more positions are created every now and then.

You can expect to find the regular positions that are usually available in an average airport at this facility as well. The popular positions include the following:

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Cabin crew – As part of a cabin crew, it is your duty to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers during flights. Cabin crew members are trained to be security conscious and effectively deal with emergency situations. Since you will be relating with passengers, good customer skills are needed to fit in this position. One of the factors that make cabin crew jobs popular is that you do not require overly expensive or time-consuming training to be eligible.

Security – This is another highly sought after option among Jersey Airport jobs, as is the case in any airport. The fact that you do not need a college or university degree to work in airport security is one thing that also makes this job attractive. It appears you may need to go through G4S Aviation Services when looking to work in security at Jersey Airport.

Popular Jersey Airport jobs also include:

* Call centre agent jobs
* Customer service jobs
* Baggage handler jobs
* Engineering jobs
* Air traffic control jobs
* Fire fighter jobs
* Managerial jobs
* Cleaner jobs

You will be able to access the above Jersey Airport jobs several others more on our Airport Jobs board along with job descriptions and other useful pieces of information. It is advisable to check the job board frequently so that you never miss out on any new opening.

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Salaries and Benefits

You can expect to earn a salary that is comparable to what is obtainable for similar positions at an average UK airport. The Jersey Pound is virtually on par with the Great Britain Pound and income tax on the island is a bit friendlier on the pocket. As would be expect, the level of your pay will depend on the degree of expertise you can boast of. A sales advisor, for example, can earn between £13,000 and £21,000. Some managerial positions come with a pay of around £50,000 or higher every year. People working on Jersey Airport jobs may also have access to several benefits, including income support and pensions.

Miscellaneous Facts about Jersey Airport

This airport, which plays a very key role in the growth of industries in the States of Jersey, was once used by the Luftwaffe, the arm of the German Wehrmacht whose specialty was aerial warfare during the Second World War. The island was occupied for a period of five years by the Germans, starting from July 1940. The invaders built concrete taxiways at Jersey Airport. While the occupation lasted, they also constructed hangars, one of which still exists at the airport till today, although it is out of use.

Jersey Airport boasts a flourishing general aviation population, among which is the Jersey Aero Club. Executive jet charter company Aviation Beauport Ltd has its base at the airport, offering worldwide private charter flight services. The Jersey International Air Display holds in September of every year at this air travel facility.

In March 2012, Jersey Airports and Jersey Harbours were successfully integrated and started operating collectively under the name Ports of Jersey. The organisations are now led by a common chief executive. The Ports of Jersey continue to play a strategic role in the growth of major industries in the States of Jersey, making it the territory the envy of many other islands and Jersey Airport jobs worth checking out.

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It should be pretty easy finding your way to work every day when working on Jersey Airport jobs, given the good ground transportation arrangement. You may bring your car along to work since parking space is available. If all you can afford for transportation is a bicycle or motorcycle, you can take advantage of the free parking provided at this facility as well. You still have the option of using the available public bus services, if that cuts it better for you.

Jersey Airport offers impressive set of facilities for use by both passengers and employees – another reason you may want to check out Jersey Airport jobs. You can take advantage of the free Wi-Fi service that is available throughout the airport to get on the Internet to catch your fun or attend to more productive tasks. There is a vast range of catering outlets where you can grab something hot or cold to eat or drink. If by any chance you are a shopping freak, you will be able to engage in your favourite activity at the several retail stores situated at Jersey Airports.

Jersey Airport jobs are perfect for individuals who are interested in working in a fast-paced environment with no boring moment. Interestingly, chances are that you will find a job that you are eligible for at the airport no matter your level of education since individuals of different level of expertise are required to get operation moving smoothly.

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