Bus Driver Jobs

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In this article you will find all you need to know about bus driver jobs. From background information to salary examples, it’s all there. And don’t forget to visit our job board Airport Jobs for the best bus driver jobs.

Bus Driver Job Description

If you are thinking about obtaining a new profession and you have a sense of adventure and travel, why not consider bus driver jobs? Read the bus driver job description below for more information on becoming a bus driver in the United Kingdom.

Becoming a bus driver isn’t something many people would expect would be glamorous or well paying. It may not be the best paying job around, but it definitely meets the need for employment and pays fairly for the work to be done.

There are many bus driver job description points which make becoming a bus driver fun and exciting. For instance, bus drivers get to travel all around town dropping people off and picking them up from various locations. You will have the privilege of working with the airport which in turn will also give you the privilege of meeting many new people from all around the world on a daily basis. It’s almost as exciting as working inside of an airport itself.

Your work as a bus driver could never possibly be boring when you get to drive around town all day (or night, depending on your shift) and see and see new sights. In fact, it may be one of the best things about your day. You should probably have a love for driving before obtaining one of the available bus driver jobs.
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Some of the job duties you will need to have aside from driving will be picking up and dropping passengers off from places such as airports as well as others, helping load/unload luggage and bags, helping load bicycles and walkers or wheelchairs, and helping disabled passengers onto and off of the bus. You will also sell and accept tickets, handle money, and keep your vehicle clean and free of debris. It’s important that you maintain an honest disposition as a bus driver.

It is also important to everyone on board the bus that the bus driver is knowledgeable about the area, which is why it will be important for you to get to know the city well. Some buses come equipped with GPS systems, so it makes life a lot easier in terms of getting the job done. It would also be really helpful for you to maintain a friendly, personable, approachable demeanor so everyone on board feels at ease and comfortable. Friendly bus drivers seem to go a lot further in their careers and stick around longer if they are able to maintain a friendly smile and caring personality.

Bus Driver Training

In order to become a bus driver, you will need to undergo bus driver training. They also need to obtain a different type of license.

[cmamad id=”282″ align=”floatleft” tabid=”283″ mobid=”284″ stg=””]Bus Drivers need to obtain a Passenger Carrying Vehicle License (PCV). This will need to be done after filling out a specific form called a D2 Application form as well as a D4 Medical form from the Department of Vehicle Licensing Agency, otherwise known as the DVLA. Training for these particular licenses is usually done at a specialist bus driver training schools where the trainee is directed by specialists in these types of licenses called Approved Driving Instructors (ADI’s). Once bus driver training is complete and you have filled out and submitted your paperwork, you will obtain your license.

Though there aren’t many job requirements other than having the PCV license, it is important to note that there are two other requirements. You must have had a High School education as well as a clean criminal background in order to become a bus driver. These are important to most every Bus Driving company, and they will check these items to ensure accuracy and the safety of all passengers on board.

There are many different types of bus driver training facilities available, however the company in which you decide you want to work for will more than likely pay for the bus driver training program and send you to one of their approved locations. They usually have a well-developed relationship with these facilities and trust their training abilities and judgment, and they know you will be receiving the absolute best in training and education as a result.

Bus Driver Salary

One of the most important aspects of this job, is the bus driver salary. As with any job, learning about the salary or pay you will be receiving is always of the utmost importance. You want to know what you can expect financially, and you also want to know that you will be paid fairly for the work you are doing. This is very understandable, and to be expected. Times are hard for many people, and with many people losing or having recently lost their jobs, salary is one of the first things they will want to ask about.

As far as becoming a bus driver in the United Kingdom, the average bus driver salary for an entry level driver in the United Kingdom is an average of about £20,000 per year.

[cmamad id=”369″ align=”floatleft” tabid=”370″ mobid=”371″ stg=””]The bus driver salary in which you receive will obviously increase over time as with most any job. With more experience under your belt, your pay will grow. Depending upon which company you start out with, your pay could be more or less than the above referenced figure as this is just an estimate as to how much you can expect to receive.

Entry level positions bus driver salary is around £14,783 per year. As time goes on and experience is gained, the more experienced drivers are seeing approximately £25,558 per year. This is obviously much more desired – and it is attainable with patience, experience, and time. Sticking with your position for a number of years could prove to be very beneficial for those interested in earning a higher bus driver salary.

Bus Driver Jobs

All in all, attaining bus driver jobs is extremely do-able and it is something you will more than likely invest many years of your life into if you are truly happy with the position. Airports are the best bet for obtaining these types of positions due to the fact that are constantly busy and have a huge passenger base with freshly added bus driver vacancies all the time. They will more than likely be a wonderful starting place for your career.

There is no better time than now to begin your career as a bus driver in the United Kingdom. So start now and visit our job board Airport Jobs for the best bus driver jobs.
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