Southampton Airport Jobs

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Codenamed SOU by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Southampton Airport is one of the busiest airports located in the United Kingdom. What this means is that the airport is a great one to consider by anyone interested in an airport career. You will find in this post all you need to know about this airport along with information on Southampton Airport jobs, which you can easily find on our job board.

What’s to know about the airport?

Southampton Airport is a public international airport situated in the Borough of Eastleigh in Hampshire, England. It is located about 6.5 kilometres north-east of the city of Southampton. The history of the location as an air transport facility is traced back to 1910, the year when pioneer pilot Edwin Rowland Moon used the area for the take-off and landing of his single-seat monoplane known as the Moonbeam Mk II. Building of hangars there commenced during the First World War after men of the United States Navy landed in 1917. Southampton Corporation acquired the site in 1932 and named it Southampton Municipal Airport. A section of the airport was used by the Royal Air Force and Navy during the Second World War before it was eventually returned to civilian ownership in 1946. A new concrete runway was constructed in 1965 to support use of larger aircraft.

Heathrow Airport Holdings (formerly known as BAA) previously owned and operated the airport until October 2014, when it was bought by a consortium of Ferrovial and Macquarie Group, AGS Airports, along with Glasgow and Aberdeen Airports. Southampton Airport handled more than 1.8 million passengers in 2014, up by 6.3 percent from the year before, with 40,374 aircraft movements recorded. That figure made the air transport facility the 18th busiest among the airports in the UK – a good reason to consider Southampton Airport jobs all the more. The airport has 12 airlines and tour operators taking passengers to and from around 45 destinations in the UK and mainland Europe.

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Jobs at Southampton Airport

Being an award-winning regional airport, Southampton Airport appears like a very good place to look when in search of a job. The leading airlines operating out of this location include Flybe, Eastern Airways, VLM Airlines and Volotea. Southampton Airport jobs come in different forms and shades for people with diverse skill levels and qualifications. Around 200 people are under the direct employment of Southampton Airport while many more are employed by airlines and business partners at the airport.

An average airport requires numerous hands to get things moving smoothly; hence, there are different types of jobs on offer at Southampton Airport and many of these positions do not require intensive training or specialized expertise. Below are just a couple of the popular jobs at the airport.

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Security officer – This is a very important role in any airport since security is something that must not be treated lightly in a public place, especially these days with different sorts of threats around. A security officer is charged with the duty of ensuring the security of passengers and their belongings as well as employer’s property. You need not have college education to qualify to be a security officer, with this making it one of the most attractive Southampton Airport jobs.

Customer service agent – Working in this role makes you the first point of contact for customers of an airline or a company you are working with. You need to have great people skill when looking to work as a customer service agent.

There are several other Southampton Airport jobs you may be able to apply for if the above do not appeal much to you. Other popular jobs on offer and which you may find on our Airport Jobs board include:

* Air traffic controller
* Airport ambassador
* Airport engineer
* Fire fighter
* Cabin crew
* Airport manager
* Baggage handler

If you live in or close to Southampton, you should put Southampton Airport jobs on the list of jobs to consider having. A quick daily search on the Airport Jobs board will be helpful to you in landing one of these jobs since they often do not stay open for long before they are filled – many other people are equally interested in Southampton Airport jobs. The jobs are available in various areas including finance, marketing, health and safety, human resources and media. The airport also has a special internship arrangement to help students interested in an airport career gain useful work experience.

The appeal of Southampton Airport jobs is further enhanced by a good ground transport system. The airport offers easy access by road to several places, including Southampton, Winchester, Poole, Bournemouth and Portsmouth. It is also served by a dedicated mainline railway station known as Southampton Airport Parkway, which is nicely situated just about one-minute walk from the airport terminal. There are around 180 train stops at the station every day. You definitely will not find things very hard getting to work when offered one of the many Southampton Airport jobs that are available.

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Southampton Airport Salaries and Benefits

Individuals working on Southampton Airport jobs get to receive competitive salaries that you ordinarily would expect of any airport in the UK. As a security officer, you could earn between £15,000 and £25,000 annually when working. Working as a customer care agent could also fetch you a yearly salary ranging from £15,000 to £20,000.

In addition to what you get as salary, you may also enjoy several other perks to make having one of Southampton Airport jobs more worthwhile. These benefits could include health plans, retirement packages and discounted fares for visiting many attractive destinations, among other perks.

Interesting Facts about Southampton Airport

The runway of Southampton Airport is built over the remains of an ancient Roman villa excavated in 1925. The antiquated villa had had most of the materials stripped off by robbers. The maiden test flight of the Supermarine Spitfire, which was designed by R.J. Mitchell and assembled at Southampton Airport, took place here in March 1936. That event was commemorated in 2004 with the erection of a near-full size model of the Spitfire prototype, the K5054, at the entrance of the airport road.

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The airport was a transit camp for refugees, mainly of Russian extraction, heading to America via the port of Southampton after the First World War. The shipping companies Cunard and White Star Line established the ‘Atlantic Park Hostel Company’ at Southampton Airport in collaboration with the Canadian Pacific Railway to provide temporary accommodations for these transit migrants. The airport hangars were converted into dormitories, dining rooms and kitchens. At its peak in 1928, some 20,000 people used the hostel, which was eventually closed in 1938.

Southampton Airport, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2010, is an award-winning air transport facility. You are not working on just an average job when Southampton Airport jobs are concerned. It was voted for two straight years – 2008 and 2009 – as the Most Friendly Airport in Europe in the Airports Council International (ACI) Awards. It was also awarded the City Champion Award for Innovation for 2008 by Business Southampton.

Most of those using Southampton Airport for travel do so for business purposes, with this class of passengers estimated at about 40 percent of the total passenger count. A very sizable portion of those passing through the airport are on their way to joining cruise ships from Southampton’s world famous port. You could take this to mean that people working on Southampton Airport jobs should not find it difficult joining holiday cruises to many of the world’s best tourist destinations. The London Waterloo is situated about an hour away by train from the airport.

If you are looking to be trained as a pilot, you may be able to access training at Southampton Airport. This is made possible by the airport’s possession of a Public Use Aerodrome License awarded by the UK Civil Aviation Authority empowering it to be used for that purpose, in addition to the public transport of passengers.

Southampton Airport jobs can be quite rewarding. Besides, these jobs may be perfect for anyone who desires roles that are not overly monotonous in that every day is virtually a new exciting experience for individuals working on airport jobs. There are several positions that do not require significant formal education to qualify for. You should check out our Airport Jobs board to find openings you may find interesting and be eligible for, along with other relevant information like role description and salary.

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