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About Heathrow Airport Jobs

Heathrow Airport, known by Airport Coding as LHR, is one of the most fantastic and marvelous airports in the world. It happens to be the second busiest airport in the world in terms of passenger traffic to Atlanta, Georgia’s Hartsfield –Jackson International Airport. There were over 72.3 million passengers to travel on either arriving or departing flights to Heathrow in 2013. Heathrow Airport accounts for tens of thousands of Heathrow jobs in the UK, making it one of the largest employers in the country.

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Originally constructed in 1930, the original name for this magnificent structure was Harmondsworth Aerodrome. After all these years, the airport still stands, and serves as a daily reminder of the history held within its walls.

The airport is very well taken care of, and is in the process of completing renovations to Terminal 2, which has been closed since 2009 for said renovations. It’s due to reopen by the end of June, 2014 bringing back a few hundred Heathrow terminal 2 jovbs. The other terminals all serve their own purpose and flight regimen. For example, Terminal 1 deals with domestic flights directly within the UK. Terminals 3 & 4 deal with long distance flights, perhaps to places like the United States or Canada, and Terminal 5 deals mainly with British Airways only. Regardless of what Terminal a passenger may need to travel from, Heathrow has the capabilities to get them wherever they need to go in style.

Jobs at Heathrow Airport

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The biggest airlines which operate out of Heathrow currently are Delta Airlines, British Airways, US Airways, Virgin Atlantic Airlines, and Air India. There are also many other airlines which are employed via Heathrow Airport. All of these companies account for thousands of jobs at Heathrow.

Heathrow Airport careers are easy to come by and plentiful at Heathrow Airport. It’s also as simple as the click of a mouse to look for jobs at Heathrow Airport. There are already many current openings for jobs in Heathrow Airport, and there is also much room for job growth with Heathrow Airport constantly expanding. Currently, there are over 76,000 employees directly employed through the airport at various Heathrow jobs. Out of those, there are 360 temporary jobs in Heathrow, with a 99% permanent position ratio. Although the global economy is in shambles, employees with Heathrow can feel safe and secure in their positions.

Depending on the skill set one possesses, looking jobs at Heathrow Airport might be intimidating. There is nothing to fear; there are many positions available in which you may be able to utilize the skill set you possess, and at the same time, maybe try something new. Below is a list of some of the most popular jobs at Heathrow:

A special mention should be given to Heathrow security jobs, which are one of the most sought after Heathrow careers. Being a security officer one of the largest airports in the world is certainly an exciting job. If you want to read more about Heathrow security jobs, be sure to read this article on Heathrow airport security jobs.

There are many reasons job searchers might like to gain jobs at Heathrow Airport. The fact that it’s a local company for those currently residing in London really excites those who live within walking, biking, cab, bus, or train distance. It’s close to all public forms of transportation. A lot of the employees take pride in the fact of working for a place which helps to bring money directly into the UK economy. One of the most rewarding aspects of working at Heathrow, though, is the fact that you will be able to encounter people from all walks of life, in many different areas and cultures from all over the world every day. With millions of passengers passing through the doors of Heathrow every year, there will never be a boring or dull day at the office.

BAA Jobs

There are so many different Heathrow jobs available on a daily basis with Heathrow. It’s always advisable to do a quick daily search on our job board Airport Jobs find out what might be available on a day to day basis with the airport. Positions are filled and listed all of the time. Please note many jobs at Heathrow Airport are offered by BAA, the owner of Heathrow Airport. So please keep in mind Heathrow Airport jobs are often referred to as BAA jobs.

Heathrow Airport Salaries & Benefits

[cmamad id=”369″ align=”floatleft” tabid=”370″ mobid=”371″ stg=””]Each job at Heathrow is extremely important to day to day operations. The typical salary in which an employee of Heathrow can be expected to receive, on average, is £20-30,000 annually.

If an employee has the need for medical benefits, and the idea of a nice benefits package excites them, then Heathrow just might be the spot they are looking for. Every Heathrow employee is able to be a part of the pension programme.

Aside from this, Private Healthcare Programmes are available – and Heathrow will pay 50% of the cost of private healthcare premiums. All employees receive free long term parking for when they would like to take their families on holiday, and they also receive generous discounts on holiday packages just for being employees of Heathrow. Another benefit is the multitude of different Heathrow careers one can pursue on the airport, allowing for an terrific career in aviation.

You san say there are many wonderful perks to working at this beautiful airport.

Some interesting facts about Heathrow Airport

There are lots of unknown facts about Heathrow that make it one of the most astonishing airports on the planet. Most people do not know that the airport itself began with an extremely modest £15,000 investment back in 1930 by the Vicar of Harmondsworth. He obtained a 150 acre piece of land to build aircraft and store them. In the beginning, there was only one runway in which to work with, which was a grass runway, and there were a few quickly built structures and buildings. Surprisingly, this small investment turned into what is known today as the Heathrow International Airport.

[cmamad id=”381″ align=”floatleft” tabid=”382″ mobid=”383″ stg=””]There are so many shops and stores in which visitors and employees can leisurely walk into, and find themselves spending hours either shopping or adoring the many luxurious finds. From stores such as Dolce & Gabbana, GUCCI, BLVGARI, and more, there is something to fit everyone’s impeccable taste at Heathrow. These shops in their own account for thousands of extra jobs in Heathrow.

After shopping until you want to drop, you will most definitely be ready for a spot of lunch. There are so many delicious restaurants or little café’s in which you could meander into, and get lost in the smell of the coffee, pastries, or delectable fine dining. There is a Starbucks available for anyone who needs a lively mid-day picker-upper as well.

There is always something to do, or something going on, at Heathrow. There are festivals ongoing at different times throughout the year, so as to keep visitors and employees entertained. It would almost be worth it just to search for Heathrow Airport jobs just to simply be able to attend these fun customary events throughout the year.
If you’re like most people in the world, you can’t live without your phone…or your Wi-Fi. Heathrow gets it. That’s why they allow each passenger or employee a 45 minute free Wi-Fi time increment each and every single day. It’s their way of saying they love you. If you need additional minutes, that is available for purchase on a Pay-As-You-Go rate.

Sometimes, you just need a good, stiff cocktail. And that’s why Heathrow has many lovely lounges where you can sit down, relax, and take a few minutes for yourself to just indulge in whatever delicious concoction your mind can come up with. Whether it’s Jack Daniels, a glass of wine, a Martini, or even just a simple pint, there is something available to whet everyone’s appetite.

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Start working at Heathrow Airport

As you can see, there are so many reasons working at Heathrow are just…worth it.

What else can be said? The place speaks for itself. So don’t wait any longer and visit our [jobsearchlink q=”Heathrow” text=”Airport Career Job Board”] for the best Heathrow Airport jobs.

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