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In this article you will find all you need to know about chauffeur jobs. From background information to salary examples, it’s all there. And don’t forget to visit our job board Airport Jobs for the best chauffeur jobs.

Chauffeur Job Description

If you have recently thought about a career change, perhaps getting one of the many available chauffeur jobs would be the right option for you. Maybe you are just browsing around for information before you actually decide you want to make the move to seek employment. This article is intended to educate you on what a chauffeur is, what they do, how much they are paid, and how you yourself can go about becoming a chauffeur. Please read on to view more of the chauffeur job description.

Chauffeurs are typically high end clientele drivers who cater to one particular person, family, or company. They offer services as personal drivers and tend to work with the wealthy and perhaps well-known personalities in the general location where the person lives. From rides to work and home, to dinner, and even things such as shopping and school, chauffeurs provide luxury transportation to the upscale people who pay for their services.
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They provide drivers with the best in class when it comes to vehicles, such as Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce, and Bentley vehicles. This can vary depending upon company and location.
To be accepted for chauffeur jobs, you are expected to be well kept and clean cut, along with being well spoken.

Professionalism is a must, and appearance is important. Though there is no specific pre-requisites on how to become a chauffeur in the UK, there is a specific need for them to have a good High School education and also a clean driving record. You should also maintain a clean criminal record as well, as many companies may pull their own criminal background search on potential employees.

The chauffeur job description should also indicate that a chauffeur should be patient and ready to work on a moment’s notice as many companies will need you to be on-call, although there are set shift schedules available with most companies. Sometimes a driver is needed immediately, and they will need to be ready and able to get in their car and go. Traffic can be a factor in arriving to your destination on time, so keeping a level head is important as well. Professionalism is always key for chauffeurs, but this specific fast causes those in chauffeur jobs to find difficulties managing their work/life balance.

Most companies also prefer someone with at least one year’s worth of driving experience for their chauffeur jobs, though they will likely choose someone who has had many more years’ worth of driving experience than one. If given the opportunity to become a chauffeur, you should certainly take it. There is a handsome salary and it is a respectable, prestigious position which is to be envied.

Chauffeur Training

Although there is no specific chauffeur training program required in order to become a chauffeur, chauffeur Training is typically provided in some way, shape, or form by the company which employs you. You will be guided in the ways you should act, dress, speak, and perform your job duties as these types of jobs require a great deal of prestige.

[cmamad id=”282″ align=”floatleft” tabid=”283″ mobid=”284″ stg=””]You may be given precise instruction on exactly how to properly clean your car as this is extremely important to both your employer and your clients.

It’s important to take the advice and constructive criticism your employer offers you when you first start out as something helpful rather than as something negative or bad. If your employer tells you the shirt you’re wearing doesn’t go with the pants you’ve got on, and the pants you’ve got on are entirely wrong – then he’s absolutely right, and you have every right to take his advice and listen to him. It’s their company that’s on the line when new drivers are hired. Make a good impression and follow protocol and you will go far in the company.

When starting out in a new position in any company or job, it’s always best to pay close attention to what you are told to do and ensure you implement it into your career life without argument. This will ensure your employer is thoroughly happy with your efforts and to make sure you make a good impression.

Though there isn’t much in terms of training, there is certainly quite a bit in terms of learning new things to incorporate into your state of mind and daily decision making activities that is important to chauffeur jobs.

Chauffeur Salary

A chauffeur salary is on the higher end of the driving spectrum pay scale, which is why chauffeur jobs are highly regarded and aspired for. If you have ever driven a bus, coach, or taxi, you will find driving as a chauffeur a breath of fresh air in terms of clientele and salary.

[cmamad id=”369″ align=”floatleft” tabid=”370″ mobid=”371″ stg=””]Entry level chauffeur salary starts out at £20,000 per annum, on average. This is quite good compared to other driving jobs as previously mentioned. The pay scale tends to increase with experience, time on the job, seniority, and for a job well done. Sometimes, clients give tips and companies give bonuses to their best drivers who come with the best ratings and reviews. If a highly regarded chauffeur decides he wants to leave company A for company B due to whatever reason, company B will most likely want to pay them more due to the fact that they come with high regards and recommendations.

Some experienced drivers earn a handsome chauffeur salary at approximately £100,000 and up, however this is rare, and not commonly heard of.

The average median salary for a chauffeur in the United Kingdom is £25,000.

Sometimes if a chauffeur drives for a certain person, family, or company long enough, and there is another driver on staff who also works with the family or company, the company or entity will choose to work with the driver they feel they mesh with the best and stick with that particular driver only for the remainder of the working relationship.

Chauffeur Jobs

Chauffeur jobs are easy to admire and highly sought after, yet not always easy to attain. The best practice for obtaining a chauffeur driving position is to contact your local airport or find employers on our jobs board, and ask them what companies they work with who might be able to offer you employment. If this is your first time driving as a chauffeur, be sure to ask lots of questions and learn everything you need to know before the interview.

Finding chauffeur jobs has never been easier thanks to technology, and the internet. So start now and visit our job board Airport Jobs for the best chauffeur jobs.
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